Cafe Cortez Coffee Company started as the dream of changing my life and the world of coffee. It succeeded when I fell in love with the craft of roasting. All this became a reality in the mid-nineties, when I purchased my first coffee roaster. I started what has become a life-long journey of learning the truth about coffee in all aspects.

A long time has passed since I felt the cold mornings and dripping of coffee cherry juices through my fingers during the arduous task of picking coffee in my native Costa Rica. Now I have the opportunity to change the coffee farm worker history of my ancestors into a future for myself and perhaps my own children. What a great adventure it has been to go from a three generation coffee company to perhaps a fourth.

Since the beginning, we have learned and evolved along with each of our documented hand roasted coffees. We have earned the right to say we are more than a coffee roasting company. We have become a full coffee academy. We have also grown from a few bags to almost 150 thousand pounds of coffee per year.

Our core values come from the belief, that every single day, we should become better coffee professionals. In order to satisfy people who are truly looking for amazing coffee, we joined forces with them.

It was only natural for us to eventually become involved in importing unique and exotic coffees. In this way, we aid our customers in the search for our allied farms around the world. We are founders and members of the More than Fair coffee coalition, a movement which directly connects these customers with only the most quality coffee estates.

We say with confidence, through our coffee, we truly bring the lush tropical rain-forests to our beloved Arizona desert.

1030 E Vista Del Cerro, Tempe, AZ 85281
Local 480-968-8333 Toll Free US/Canada 800-992-6782

For those of you that don't know Ronald Cortez (also known as Ron), he was born in the heartland of the coffee growing region, Costa Rica. Throughout his life he has developed an attraction to all things coffee. Being the son of a plantation worker, who was also the son of a plantation worker, gave Ron Cortez the absolute inside scoop on the coffee industry.

Ron Cortez of Cortez Coffee

Ron was practically born in a coffee field and for the past thirty years he as been involved in the coffee industry in every aspect. The last fifteen years he has dedicated to running a highly successful coffee roasting company.

Not only is Ron importing and roasting green coffee, he has also became a pillar of the Metro Phoenix Coffee House Culture. As mentor and educator in all-things-coffee, Ron Cortez teaches about green beans, roasting, brewing methods and how to go about cupping coffee.

After all, life is too short and there is no time for secrets. In the Entrepreneurial spirit, Ron Cortez is not holding back and is always willing to share with anybody who is interested in Coffee, entrepreneur and consumer a like.

Ron Cortez : Innovation Meets Determination, Finding a new Voice in an old Market!

Below is an extract from a recent interview with Ron Cortez :

Question (Q) :
What do you remember about coffee as a kid?

Ron Cortez response (RC) :
When I was a kid coffee came into my life in two ways, the worm and cozy feel of coffee being brewed in grandma's stove and the smell of ripe cherries running through our fingers. We Costa Rican kids picked beans to help out our household expenses and since classes were out most of your friends were around you. I remember the great satisfaction that came out of making money to buy your own things and to contribute to your parents end of year expenses.

Q :
When did you start drinking coffee? Why?

RC :
I drank coffee twice a day with all my family members and neighbors almost everyday of my youth. I grew up in a house that always was full of people and my parents were very hospitable, my mom still one of the best bakers in the family. Most of the coffee that we drank was not the one we worked but still the coffee experience of a Costa Rican kid is quite plentiful.

Q :
How did you discover good quality coffee?

RC :
When I moved to Arizona and decided to start a coffee business I started visiting coffee companies and sample what competitors were producing. I found a great group of coffee professionals that were serving a good number of coffee consumers. I one day decided to apply for a job at a brand new coffee house and roastery called Village Coffee were its owner later became my mentor and friend.

Q :
How long have you been in the coffee industry?

RC :
I brought the first shipment of green coffee to Arizona at the end of 1993. I purchased my first coffee roaster in 1996; a brand new shiny red Ambex that at the end was so modified that made us call it the Frankenstein of the coffee roasters. We changed the air flow quite a bit by adding an external fan and increased the BTU's to match the loss of energy but the coffee started to taste very clean at medium high profile. We knew that it was a step in the right direction.

Q :
What does coffee mean to you?

RC :
Coffee is what makes me a complete person. Coffee is a product that has provided a canvas to express my creativity and the one of many others in my team. Coffee has become an obsession of mine that could become the passion of my children. Cafe Cortez has grown so much since the 90's that is now also the opportunity to make a difference in the life of many of our collaborators. We now can say that the best coffee in the world is produced around the world but roasted in Arizona. The best part of our story still in the making, follow us!